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Xi'an Free Sky Co., Ltd provides various services for general aviation in the introduction of new     models, import business, by the long-term cooperation with companies both at home and abroad, involving in the general aviation aircraft parts imported equipment maintenance and domestic development localization service, as well as navigation communication equipment, tools, test equipment safeguard for the general aviation aircraft operation and maintenance.
Providing services for general aviation, including bulk purchasing of air parts, repair claims, bonded consignment and other business.
Xi'an Free Sky Co., Ltd, in general aviation units wide distribution, type and quantity of the same typed characteristics, can use it’s own shared platform, providing the service for the general aviation enterprise or business. In this case to reduce the units in the same type of equipment, reduce inventory, reserve funds and make full use of limited, effective guarantee to improve equipment.


And Xi'an Free Sky Co., Ltd has already provided services and support for Gulfstream series, Diamond series, Beechcraft series and Cessna series aircrafts.